About Epsom Salt


Feels like a hot spring! Relax your body and mind!

Bathing in Epsomsalts raises deep body temperature and helps maintain good health.

Magnesium sulfate, the ingredient of Epsom salts, is also found in hot spring water.

Even in your busy daily life, please spend a relaxing time with “Epsomsalts Bathing” to feel comfortable in mind and body.



Massage with Epsomsalts to clean aging and keratinized skin

Massage directly with Epsom salts on areas of concern, such as rough skin and heels, to remove aging and dead skin. Sea Crystals grains are fine and gentle to the skin, so they can also be used for facial massage.

Epsomsalts can be used as a scrub to massage the skin, leaving it smooth and silky.



Athletes and supermodels love Epsomsalts for a refreshing bath!

Epsomsalts are used by professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, and MLB, marathon runners, dancers, actresses, and supermodels. The day before a game, the Georgia Tech football quarterback always takes a bath with Epsomsalts to rest his body.


Epsomsalts is an essential item for beauty and fashion

In the United States, models, actresses, dancers, and other body-capital occupations use Epsom salts on a daily basis. We recommend using Epsomsalts for beauty enhancement and long-term skin care.

Use before manicures and pedicures, to volumize your hair, or put a small amount on your toothbrush to brush your teeth.